Mercedes Benz service contracts

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Apr 24, 2007
Mercedes S320CDi
When I purchased my used S class last year mercedes were offering a 2 year service contract with the purchase, does anyone know if these service contracts cover glow plug replacement, as I've have a glow plug fault that had just appeared
It covers all routine service stuff when due like plugs, oils, filters, gearbox oil, brake fluid, coolant etc. are glowplugs replaced routinely? Never having had a diesel I dont know. Not sure it covers items that fail between services.
As far as I know (just renewed for another two years), the service care plan covers all the items that due (i.e. plugs every xx years, ATF after xxxx miles, etc, etc), but not the ones that simply failed. I found the service contract to be a great value for the little money I pay every month, and it removes the guesswork out of running cost.
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Spoke to my Indi about the glow plugs, told me that they have been known to break off, when trying to remove, cost of the rectification of that sounds quite scary, would that mean the cylinder head off
The glow plugs are not covered by the contract, and neither are they under the tier 1 warranty. I had to pay for mine at the last service as one failed.

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