Mercedes-Benz shows off next A-Class on UK tour

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ucr, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. ucr

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    Dec 8, 2010
    Mercedes-Benz is touring the UK over the next month with its new A-Class concept to show the direction the brand is moving in and what will become its BMW 1-Series and Audi A3 challenger.

    The Concept A-Class tour will visit the Bullring Shopping Centre, Birmingham (September 24 and 25); Westfield London (October 1 and 2); Arndale Shopping Centre, Manchester (October 8 and 9) and Braehead Shopping Centre, Glasgow (October 14 and 15).

    The vehicle will also be stopping off at around 70 Mercedes-Benz dealers around the country.

    To generate interest en-route to each location, it will be transported in full view in a transparent container on the back of The Clear Idea, a special Mercedes-Benz Atego display truck.

    At each shopping centre location the car is hidden from view in a mirrored box which is surrounded by interactive LED lights that react to sound – they change colours and patterns in response to the voices or movement of passers-by.

    At regular intervals, a deep note will sound and the lights will pulsate around the box, accompanied by music that will build up to a full reveal of the car.

    Gary Savage, managing director, Mercedes-Benz Cars, said: “Both visually and technologically, Concept A-Class provides an exciting insight into the potential future of the Mercedes-Benz compact car range, and a glimpse of some of the features that we’re confident would influence future customers in this highly-competitive sector.

    “The Concept A-Class national tour creates a unique experience for engaging with our potential customers ahead of some significant model launches next year, and it showcases the future direction of Mercedes-Benz in a truly eye-catching way.”
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  2. npuk

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    Nov 12, 2009
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    I would like to see it but not going to bother going if the cars going to be in a box.
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  3. bpsorrel

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    Mar 11, 2009
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    I saw this car, by chance, on wednesday at MB Watford!! It was being unloaded from the truck and looked FANTASTIC!! I wasn't meant to see it, but it was hard to miss!

    I really hope they keep the look for the production model! The salesman reckoned it would look around 90% similar! :)
  4. Bobby Dazzler

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    Jan 21, 2005
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    I saw this today - outside Selfridges on Ground Floor of the Bullring in Birmingham.

    Nothing sound sensitive about the way it was obscured - white poles in fact. I took a photo on Mrs D's phone. I'll see if I can find it...
  5. J400uk

    J400uk Hardcore MB Enthusiast

    Mar 2, 2009
    Saw it today on the M40, looks really good. Bit bigger then pictures suggest and very Scirocco-esque. Hope the production model is similar. Also saw the new BMW 1-series, bit less impressive and quite bland.

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