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Aug 11, 2009
Following on from my previous post regarding the awesomeness of PCS, here is a very contrasting account of an experience I had at Merc Temple Fortune, in North West London, on Finchley Road.
First of all, let me start by saying that I believed that these people (on separate occasions before hand) were legitimately trying to help customers, but were overloaded with work, or had slightly poor communication between departmens. I came back to them several times for small jobs (headlight bulb, mirror glass), even though I experienced very minor annoyances about their customer service.
This pales in comparison to what I experienced the last time I was there.

My father lost one of the keys to our Mercedes abroad, a spare key which we never used. However, being overly-cautious, we decided to get the locks changed on our car. Seemed like a relatively simple (albeit expensive) process, just bring in your documents, pay the two grand for a new lockset and keys, and leave your car with us.
This is where it got interesting. When I came with my documents, and to hand over the car, they told me the parts would arrive in a couple of days, and the work would be done on the day the parts arrive. I asked for a courtesy car if one was available, they said they would phone me back later that day. I left my car for a week, and after not receiving any calls from them, I decided to go there and ask again. I was told that the parts hadn't arrived, and in any case would not arrive for two weeks. I said OK, how about a courtesy car now? They replid that unfortunately thier courtesy cars are all booked out weeks in advance, and none will be available for perhaps two more weeks. I said OK, please let me know if and when a car becomes available, meanwhile please continue with the work.

Two weeks go by. At this point I have forgotten about the courtesy car, and started using the Porsche on a regular basis. I decide to call them, and see if the parts have arrived. To my dismay, the receptionist informs me that the parts had arrived last week, and they were waiting for a courtesy car to become available before doing the work (which takes all of a couple of hours!!). Needless to say I was outraged. I told them to forget the courtesy car and just do the work so I can have the car back. Duly, the work was completed, and I came to get my car the next day.

On the drivers side door panel, where the locks were changed, there were now significant scratch marks in the paint, down to the bare metal (looked as if someone had taken a screwdriver to the doorlock to remove it). The sunroof mechanism was playing up (unexplained), and there was now big chips in the paint around the bootlock.
I asked the manager to come have a look, and explain. He stood there, at first pretending not to see, then tried to tell me they were there before. I asked to see the damage report (which should have been done prior to work), he said there was none, and as a consequence was forced to repaint the scratches free of charge. The sunroof electrical problem was sorted out as well.

Moreover, when I first confronted the manager (big bloke) regarding my issues with their service, specifically when I told them that they would have to do the paintwork for free as there was no damage report, the guy literally got in my face as if he wanted to kick off right then and there. I admit I was yelling, but I was standing on the other side of my car. The manager decided to walk around the length of the car and literally square up to me (I was a scrawny 19 year old at the time).

Not to mention the numerous times I was given false or misleading information about the status of the work, and when I came in to see various people in the showroom, none of them had any clear idea, or communication regarding my car. I had to chase down every person myself.

Since these events, I have heard from reliable sources that the management of the branch have been dispersed (some faced criminal investigations) over a series of improprieties during that time, including some sort of scam where they would order parts using other car's chassis numbers for various purposes.

Basically, do not go there. Ever.


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Jun 24, 2008
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I had an A-Service with them in 2009.

A simple process, but they managed to get things wrong on six separate incidences. Two involved over-charging.

I won't go into details as I reported it in detail in another thread.

On top of that, I was not well at a time, just wanted to get the service out of the way before a long (and difficult) period in hospital, the last thing I needed was this type of aggravation.

All I can say that in 2010 I visited MB Temple Fortune 'twice' on the same day - i.e. it was both my first visit and my last visit... ever.

Needless to say that my written complaint in the feedback form I was sent in the post, as well as my verbal complaint to the person who called me up on the phone for a feedback, were ignored - no one called back.

Last service performed by Olly PCS... now that was a good experience. :thumb:
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