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Apr 23, 2003
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Mrs. Kinky is helping out at our local school fair tomorrow, and is responsible for the book stall.

Suffice to say our garage has been stuffed with hundred of books on all possible topics (all from different sources).

Anyhow, she's been sorting them out into various categories, and during the sort out has found 2 MB books (in fact the only 2 car books!).

Rather then flog them off for a few pence for the church roof (literally), I thought I'd offer them on here to anyone who might be interested.

The first is:

Mercedes Benz SL and SLC, written by LJK Setright. Basically it's the history of the SL and SLC from day 1 up to approximately 1986.

The 2nd is :

Mercedes Benz 300SL. Gull-wing and Roadster; 3 litre, 6 cylinder, written by William Boddy. This is the full history from day 1 up to 1963 when it all came to and end.

Both books are hard-backs, in excellent condition (smell a bit musty), and are part of the Osprey Auto History series.

Any takers?

Edited to add:

I know this should technically go under the 'Classified' section, but it's not really for personal gain, as the money will go towards the 'church roof'.

Also during the sort out there was a Kylie video .... not sure where it's gone now :rock:
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