Mercedes C Class rear panoramic roof replacement

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Sep 6, 2023
Mercedes c class
Hi, I am new to this forum.

I need my rear panoramic roof replacement as I found a crack and my insurance (Marshmallow) did not cover that so my excess was £900 anyway. I called local garages but unfortunately no one does the replacement job.
Autoglass quoted me £1575 and Mercedes £1500, I found the same rear panoramic roof second hand from reliable parts seller however struggling to find someone who could replace it for me. Big companies denied to do the job unless i order the glass from them.
Can anyone please suggest who can carry only the replacement job?


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Hello there, a bit late responding to this (I was browsing back through the posts) but, if it is a C class coupe you have (like mine), I got a Mercedes recall letter back in February this year concerning a suspected safety issue on the pana sun roof.
It appears that the 'bonding' of the frame to the roof may have flaws that could lead to (worse case scenario) the entire pana roof parting company with the car!
It's worth bringing to your attention as this 'may' be a possible cause of your panel cracking in the first place? Might be worth contacting MB just in case it is as (again, worse case scenario) they would replace the whole pana glass/frame assembly FOC.

Just thought I'd mention it......... 🤔
Not just this roof . 750 000 other MB's worldwide as well.

I had a safety recall letter from MB to get my car checked , didn't get it done (busy/Covid etc) , Got a repeat letter just months ago.

It's a 17 year old C class.......

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