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    Mercedes C124 230CE
    I own a C124 230CE from the first year of coupe production, that is 1987. I bought it in 2011, earlier I had W124 300D. I decided to register on this forum to practice my English a little bit. Also I presume it will be fun to see feedback from abroad regarding LPG installation and a certain way I look after my 124.

    Basically it's nothing special and it's my daily car, so it is in rough shape after all those road bumps and years of abuse. I keep the costs of maintenance as low as possible, so the repairs I do are just the necessary ones. Sometimes I dream about complete restoration of this car, but I believe it won't be justyfied economically.

    The worst problem is rust, very visible on right rear fender. Paint also not so great. In recent year the noises from engine head are more and more alarming, so I'm preparing myself for an engine head repair.

    Basically I'm very happy with this car, it's cheap in mainenance and actually it holds its value, lots of parts available. And there is also a social factor, people tend to like it, consider it as a youngtimer, and I even get thumbs up in traffic from time to time.

    Big minus - lack of air conditioning and black leather... Sometimes in the summer I just cant get in due to the temperature inside.

    And now for some VIN decoder copypasta:

    Model 230 CE
    Lights HELLA
    Wiper SWF
    Delivery date 87.09.21
    271 leather black / anthracite
    172 anthracite grey metallic
    211 automatic limited slip differential (ASD)
    240 outside temperature indicator
    280 steering wheel (400 mm dia.) and gearshift lever in leather trim
    412 electric sliding roof with tilting device
    420 automatic transmission, floor shift
    430 headrests in the rear
    470 ABS
    506 outside rear view mirror, right, convex
    511 Becker radio Mexico cassette
    531 automatic antenna
    543 sun visor with vanity mirror, illuminated, left and right
    570 folding armrest front
    583 electric window lifters (front doors)
    620 emission control system vehicles with catalyst technique
    640 15-hole light alloy rims
    682 fire extinguisher
    812 rear-mounted loudspeaker

    And some general pictures:



    With previous rims:


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