Mercedes CLK 208 ABS, BAS AND ASR lights on problem

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Jul 18, 2017
Clk 320 convertible
Mercedes CLK 208 ABS, BAS AND ASR lights on problem
The ABS, BAS AND AS warning lights have come on my Mercedes CLK 320 convertible a 1999 W208 model. They were intermittent at first and now on all the time. I have done the quick fix of steering wheel calibration and break light switch replacement. I took it to my local garage who I do trust but he was a bit vague (Maybe he has not got a star Mercedes specific tester?) but thought it could be the ABS ECU module and the not a ABS sensor which I was hoping it would be at the cost of about £700 probably more than the car is worth lol.The advice I need is should I just get a second hand ABS ECU and fit it myself as it does not look a hard job and the unit is inexpensive second hand and then replace the pump if that does not fix the problem. I am worried that the replaced ECU will need resetting by a STAR Diagnostic tester although some you tube videos seem to think you do not have too. If I can fix the car I will trading it for an SL so wondering whether the tester will be a good investment for the future. Any advice appreciated.

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