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    I've just listed a Duo Plus seat on ebay and it reads like this...

    The item number 151282422136.

    The auction is for a brand new Mercedes Duo Plus child car seat.

    The seat has never been used in a car (with or without a child) and has not been mistreated in anyway.

    The seat is in a 100% brand new condition and will be shipped with a Mercedes Duo Plus packaging and box.

    This car does NOT have the Mercedes automatic airbag deactivation chip / transponder (AKSE) in it, but DOES have Isofix and TopTether fittings.

    More details on the seat can be found here:

    This seat costs over £200 from a Mercedes dealership.

    I bought this seat WITHOUT the AKSE chip in error; as I should have bought a seat with the AKSE deactivation chip on it for front seat use in my Mercedes car - expensive error!

    I have since ordered and received a different new Duo Plus car seat with the AKSE chip and therefore the seat listed here is surplus to my requirement.

    That said, I have set a reserve of £100 as I will keep the listed seat as an extra if it doesn't exceed the reserve.

    Track and Trace courier postage is £20 (I'd be happy to refund the difference if it costs less to send).

    Any questions please don't hesitate to email me!

    Many thanks!

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