mercedes e280 w211 door module

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Jun 22, 2023
Mercedes E class w211
hi can anyone help i have a w211 merc e280 2009 i disconnceted my battery to replace the egr when i reconnected it no controls will work on my drivers door i have read the module cold be a fault can they be reprogramed if so is there anyone near newcastle upon tyne that could do it i was thinking of putting a used one in bu read that if it hasnt came from the same car with the same extras it wont work thanks for any advice
i will just leave the site as i think its a bit long winded to leave a message
If you post a question, you won't get an answer until somebody who knows it reads your question, I'm afraid. That's the way it is.

A replacement DCM doesn't have to be coded to the car, but it does have to be coded so that it will control all the functions it needs to. If you can find one with the same part number as yours, that would not be a problem.

I don't know where you are in Newcastle, but there's a well-regarded Mercedes independent just across the Tyne in Dunston - Staithes Garage.

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