Mercedes Electronics in the North West

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Sep 16, 2007
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I have read very good reviews on Alfie / and Braybrooks but all are down South.

Can anyone put me in touch with a competent Mercedes Electrician closely familiar with COMAND or telephone pre-wire? I am in Cumbria and happy to look at the North up to Glasgow.

Im now based in cumbria and Im a mercedes benz diagnostic tech,drop me a Pm if you like
In Fact im on your front door as Im in Ulverston,but dont worry Im not linked to the Mercedes dealership there :)
Thanks Zerocool.
I haven't posted enough to send a PM. Ulverston is really close to me. Not sure if I'm allowed to post my phone number but I'd like to get in touch. Perhaps you can PM me with your contact details and email.
Or you can reach me on 07956 913657.

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