Mercedes eqa charge port door locked

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Oct 23, 2017
EQA 250 AMG Premium Plus
Mercedes eqa charge port door locked but car open,I even managed to pull cover off by mistake but i think this just clips on.

Is there a cable pull???

when you drive it will say locked on app, but park up and lock the car it will say open even if car is locked,
But it is always locked
where is the Manual ? is it the one on the screen,if so no as it is my wife out in the car and stuck
That is one reason I will never consider an EV as my wife's car - we've had the S204 C220Cdi since March 2012 and she's never even put fuel in it, the idea of her trying to fuel an EV en route to or at our daughter 120 miles away is a total non starter, she can't even operate her smart phone (Samsung A10) so downloading an app and using it at a remote charging station will never work! God help her when I'm no longer here to do such things for her!!
For those who want to know, there is an emergency pull.

Unfortunately, in my case it did not work as when I pulled it nothing happened, on stripping it down I could tell someone had been in there before me. The screws holding the deck cover had been removed and screwed underneath. And as you see the actuator has a side missing.

I do not know if I will be covered under warranty (I doubt it )

So some photos


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