Mercedes help yourself to my money why don't you....

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Feb 15, 2017
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Unauthorised payment taken by Mercedes Garage

Just checking my statements and Mercedes Benz have taken out a payment for £245 - called Mercedes Finance and apparently Wolverhampton Mercedes have just put me down for a service plan without my permission!

This happened to anyone else?
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Nope...check whether you signed something without checking details..!!
I haven't signed anything - not even had any paperwork to not sign!
You must have given them your bank details and signed permission on something?
ask your bank to refund under the direct debit guarantee?
I'm sure they would sort this out for you.

If only there was a way to contact them and ask.
I haven't had any paperwork or given them my details unless they used my details from my service plan on my last car.

I had a written agreement from Mercedes Wolverhampton that my first service would be free as part of my complaint I had with them on my old vehicle.
If the car is on finance and the finance agreement stipulates main dealer serving, they might actually be doing you a favour. Not great that they did not ask you first, and you would be right to complain and demand a refund, but check first that you actually want to cancel it.
Well on that note I re-call !
A new car line salesman at a dealership where I worked for a while sold a 4 cylinder variant to an unsuspecting woman customer when she specifically asked for the the V6 powered model.

She apparently accepted the deal based upon the promise that he would quote:- Put the extra two cylinders on order and to bring it back in 90 days.

She did--and was laughed out of the premises!--Only to return--With authorities--This time the General Manager had to deal with it with no laughing on the premises involved !--The salesman who did the dirty deed had left.

Now as a foot note as a male and long time female observer!--(After all if you stop looking you are dead!)

With that stated in a dealership when dealing with women customers, their facial expressions are far more varied & emotional than that of men. (As many of you long time married might agree!):devil:
It can lead to a very explosive & interesting day at work!
Take care
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