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Sep 7, 2015
West Midlands
GLE350d (W166)
Hi All

Anybody else having issues with Mercedes me app on Android. Mine has forgotten about my current car, not showing up on dashboard at all.
I'm having similar issues,waiting to hear from technical!
Old app worked fine..
Just checked, and my Mercedes me app still remembers my car, no issues. My phone is Samsung Galaxy 9+ (Android 10). App Version 1.2.1, Build 602, SDK 2.9.0.
I just checked mine there, its mostly ok.
It has "lost" the tyre pressure icon from the main front screen again, but that happens now and then for some reason.
I'm using a Galaxy S10+, Android 10, same build as markjay
Just checked mine, I haven't used the APP for a couple of days, but forced Re Log In and was sent a Six Digit Code Via E Mail in order to gain Access! 🤔

Everything still available but noticeably slow! :(
OK thanks all, seems it's not just me then.

For reference I had to log in again via code sent by SMS

Google Pixel 3xl - Android 10 security update 05 July 20

App version 1.2.1
Also spotted I got an App update for Mercedes me 2 days ago so fair bet that's the culprit.
My App now remembers my car but not me! It has stoped giving me the remote locking option and vehicle location feature. The rest of it e.g. mileage, tyre pressures, service stuff is working fine. Don’t know when exactly this changed but it was in the last 10 or so days
Im a newbie here! Had my A class 250e hybrid for 9 weeks. For the first 4 when I put it on charge, it would tell me it was charging, at what rate and would warn me when it was charged. It automatically updated the app at the beginning of July, now it gives me a message when it starts charging, but then tells me it is not charging when you open the app. The only way to tell it is finally charged is to keep opening the app and checking the battery level, which does go up despite the 'not charging' status, or to go outside and check. It also tells me there are windows open when they are not. Tried deleting, re-installing, tried to go back to the old app, but it wont let me. Restarted my phone (Galaxy S10, Android 10) still no improvement. Complained to the Me team, they ask for a screenshot telling them it's not charging. I've done that but it proves nothing. 3 weeks later and nothing, although I believe they restarted my account! Decided to just go back to the old 'manual' ways and use the BP Chargemaster app, for charging, it's not as good as the Me app was originally, but at least it shows me the charging time and the money it's costing me. I am also going back to the tried & tested checking the windows and doors are closed when I leave the car to make sure! Never had this problem on my previous 'german' car. Their app worked absolutely fine! Has anybody else had this sort of problem with the Me app??
App is cr@p but their customer service is pretty good.
Hi I’m new here and just got my first EClass . It’s a 2015 Night Edition, is it worth me getting Mercedes Me? If so which one ? IOS user.
The Mercedes me Adapter is for older cars.

For your car, you should:

a. Create an account with Mercedes me online

b. Add your car's VIN to your online account

c. Download the Mercedes me 2020 app to your phone

d. Check that the app on your phone can connect to your car over the Internet

e. Go to your Mercedes me online account, check which services are available for your car, then decide which ones you want to activate, note that they are not free

(If it does turn-out that your car is too old for that, then what you'll see in step 'e' above only one service available for your car: 'Mercedes me Adapter'. In this case you do need the Mercedes me Adapter, and the instructions will be different)
Just tried to get into mine , has worked fine for the past 2 years, told this App has been updated so tried to install update. " This App is not available in your country". So that's an end to that.

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