Mercedes Me feature and improvments requests

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Jun 12, 2015
East Anglia
C63 Saloon (W205)
I think Mercedes Me is the start of something good - a truly connected car. However, Mercedes developers have a lot of work to do.

I'd like to compile a list of feature requests, bug tracking and improvements that I'll send off to Mercedes. Not that I am expecting any preferential treatment and probably dreaming that they'll listen to us.

To get started, these are the features I have thought of so far:
  • Virtual version of the COMAND NTG in the phone app.
  • Ability to upload data via the website such as music and Points of Interest. No need to use an SD card.
  • Use mobile phone's keyboard to enter text. E.g, enter web addresses.
  • Rename custom PoI label. At the moment the label is the address.

If you can think of anything, reply below and I'll collate the list and send on.


There is already an MB app that can do much of the above.

Do you mean upload music from a website, remotely, to the car? To the hard drive then if you do not want to use the SD card. Are you sure you would keep doing this instead of live streams?

I'm not against any compiled list of feature requests, there is always room for improvements but the valuable parts of these requests would easily get lost if they include redundant info or are not safe for the driver etc. etc.

Hiya - are you talking about the MB touch APP? Does that work with the new 215 C-class?

I did not know about the MB Touch App, but it looks like it requires SPLITVIEW that is not available on the C-Class. I will confirm if it has any functionality on the NTG 5 and report back ASAP.


Do you mean upload music from a website, remotely, to the car? To the hard drive then if you do not want to use the SD card. Are you sure you would keep doing this instead of live streams?

That could be one use for the feature. By live streams do you mean Bluetooth A2DP or "Internet Radio"? I will use A2DP more than anything else. Incidentally, is possible to browse albums from COMAND. So far, I have to use the phone to choose the album as the COMAND seems to scroll track by track only.

I was more thinking about uploading Points of Interested. You can create them from the Mercedes Me web page - useful for trips, but I was thinking along the lines of uploading Speed Camera location data. Currently, one has to use the SD card option.


I was referring to internet radio which is already supported (at least on my NTG5 COMAND, in addition to A2DP). Instead of uploading POI data to COMAND, I would use the phone to search for addresses (or POI) and then send the destination address via internet to the car (which is already supported).

So far I think uploading Speed Camera data is about the only thing on your list that is not supported. I doubt MB would ever officially admit they support speed camera warnings even if you can do it currently (under the general personal POI title).

Where did you conclude the smartphone remote control app asking for splitview, at least on the W222 it does not.
SPLITVIEW restriction: from Mercedes-Benz Touch app page on Google Play
Control your new Mercedes-Benz S-Class entertainment system with your Android device! Your car must have installed the SPLITVIEW display for COMAND or the Rear-Seat Entertainment system to connect the app via WiFi.

And the fact it says "S-Class", I guess this app is for the S-Class, but non-the-less, I'll give it a go later on.

I sited speed camera PoI as an example. Agreed, MB wouldn't develop a feature for just this alone, but there are published lists of PoIs, other than speed cameras.


As promised, I tried the MB Touch app and after a few moments I got a connection error message. No cigar. I guess, as the app's site on Google Play says, it's for the S-Class. Shame.

Though, it did make me think of a fourth "feature": the ability to connect the car to my home WiFi (obviously only when it's in the drive / garage). Much faster than the BT DUN connection for applying updates etc.


A pity the app did not work on a 205.

For connectivity speed, have you looked at the USB modem option? Unfortunately not many phones support that option today but some do.

Is it BT DUN that you are using, not BT PAN? I guess the two have about the same max data transfer rate.
Another feature idea. One that I can't believe isn't already there.

Recently on holiday, the car was broken into. I would have thought the app would have sent a push notification to alert me to the fact. But then again, the "app" is no more than a glorified link to MB website. Although, I am not 100% sure the alarm actually went off.

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