Mercedes S211 - tailgate open warning message

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May 31, 2009
Tailgate won't lock remotely. Have managed to lock it but don't have time to get it fixed until new year.

In the meantime can anyone tell me which fuse and its location I can safely remove to stop the red warning circle constantly appearing on dashboard every time I pull away!
Thanks - but what do you mean by unplug it from the lock?
Likely as not it is a faulty micro switch within the lock,
or the wiring to the lock.
That will communicate with the SAM.
There 'may' be a fuse that will disable all locks, but to isolate this issue from the SAM is complicated.

If you're lucky manipulating the D hasp that the lock engages with 'may' allow the micro switch to close, and resolve the alarm.
Try fuses 7 and 11 in the boot .
Ok thanks will try
Thunking ahead - assuming micro switch which seems likely does anyone have rough idea of cost of repair at garage.
From my experience with Vianos, that would mean replacing the lock.

As it's a rare issue (on the 211) I would buy a pre loved from a breakers.

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