Mercedes S350 Bluetec W221 - 2012 - Rear Height Level Sensor Question?

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Nov 11, 2019
Mercedes S350 Bluetec
Hello MB Club,

I have a question about my Height Level Sensor 2012 - S350 W221 - I would appreciate everyone’s insight & experience about this issue. Okay this is what happened previously and what I’ve managed to do up to today.

Driving along the Rear became uncomfortable and a Malfunction Triangle appeared on the Dash, after this quite quickly both Rear Air Suspension dropped to the Floor (Low Rider) I managed to drive it home, the Fronts remained okay though. When I got home I parked the car and didn’t drive it again. A few WeeksI later I started the car but neither the Front or Rear would rise.

I jacked up the car on the Nearside Rear and located the Height Level Sensor and straight away I could see the Bracket that clamps to the Anti Roll Bar and the Pivot arm had rusted and separated ( See Image Attached )

We have Temporary wired the Pivot Arm back onto the Bracket that clamps to the Anti Roll Bar, on doing this the Air Compressor Activated and the Front Air Suspension raised to normal Ride Height, However the Rears did not rise.

My Questions Are:

Why didn’t the Rear Air Suspension also Rise?

Is the fact that Both Front Air Suspension units raised to Normal Height, Indicate the Compressor, Height Level Sensor and the Air Bags are not Faulty, and that once I fit the New Bracket and Pivot Arm, then this issued will be Resolved.

Or will i also have to have the New Parts Calibrated?

Many Thanks!


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Try putting the car up on wedge style ramps or a 4 poster ramp, run the car and manually adjust the height sensor so that full height is required and see if the rear decides to go up.
If it does then it’s the height sensor, if it doesn’t then there’s something else going on. (Also make sure fault codes are erased)
Okay, I have an update: I had Mercedes fit a New Bracket and Pivot Arm for the Height Level Sensor. The part has been Calibrated and any Error Codes Erased.

After the fitting was complete the back Air Suspension won’t raise to the Normal Height.
The back has raised the body a bit but as I said not to the Normal operating Height.

I would appreciate any help from anyone who has experience with these issues.

Many Thanks!

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