mercedes sport pedals genuine mercedes pedals sport aluminium pedals w124 w210

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Cheaper to get them from the dealers. + he wants £25 postage for them!!!

Search on here for 'Club Pedals' there is a massive thread on them.
As KillerHERTZ says they where about £50 RRP a few years back for the lot from the dealers !
Seller has adjusted prices. Im sure if you contact the guy he will do you a deal have dealt with him before a nice guy.
postage cost £25 only

Dream on! Even the tenner he's adjusted it to is steep. :crazy:
I can courier pretty much anything under 30kgs to you for £8.99

A tenner for posting pedals is ridiculous , I posted a jacket the other day 2nd class recorded and it was £3.10
I fancy these for my 300ce but what do we actually think is a fair price inc delivery then? Scott

thats steep!

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