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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MBJH, Nov 28, 2014.

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    Apr 22, 2014
    W204 C220
    I am not sure how anyone else on this forum has got on with the Mercedes Dealer in MK (Sytner), but I just thought I would raise a few issues I had.

    My car went in for a seemingly simple service, for which I have a service plan, happy days no payment on the day.

    Dropped it off and asked if they could check the gearbox for any updates due to a down shift in gear when happily driving along. Later that day he calls me and says your car is ready, I go along to pick it up.

    Then he tells me your car had a recall for the SRS Module in the dash so we replaced this for you as its under warranty, it wasn't a problem but they can become problematic later on, I thought nice saved me a headache later, he goes on, we replaced your wipers and a fog bulb, I thought ok fine service went ok so sure I shall just pay for those and be on my way, the tech found an update for the gearbox but was unable to do it because the system was down, so he said come back next week and I shall do it in for you free of charge, which was nice as I'm sure its normally £60 ish.

    So I leave happy in the fact it will get done soon, drive home, then I notice that some of the centre console hasn't been fully clipped in, I also check the ashtray, its broken, push it in and it won't slide back out I have to grab it and pull it, I also received an email about the QR codes and I noticed on the invoice it said the QR codes had been done, so I checked the fuel cap, nothing.

    Few days later I try to change to S (Sport/Standard which ever) but it doesn't change, the C/S button also doesn't work, I arrange to go back and get all these sorted at the same time as the update.

    So all in all it took 2 visits to get my service done, upside is that I got a refund for the wipers and bulb (£45) as he kept going on about an MOT, it was a service not an MOT so they didn't need changing, just needed to let me know they needed doing or even asked if I wanted them doing.
    Down side, No QR codes in stock and the check brake wear message came on. Quoted £399

    Which leads me to my next post - Auto-Class of Milton Keynes - Perfect - £240, was done by midday no problems, no stock issues or broken parts.
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    My experience of MB Milton Keynes:

    Parts - Excellent - very helpful and knowledgable guys there

    Service - OK, but not great. To make sure of no damage to the car during the last service I went round with the service manager before handing it over and got him to note down the perfect condition of the car and then again after the service. It worked!

    Sales: Hopeless. In fact when I was shopping recently to replace my Toyota I ended up buying a Lexus at Sytner's Lexus dealer in Milton keynes instead. Night and day - and at the same group!!
  3. Mat B

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    Jan 31, 2010
    milton keynes
    E55 EC800
    +1 fro Autoclass in MK i used them many a time and always happy with their knowledge and service.

    As for the Dealership. i think bpsprrel sums it up perfectly.
    Worst sales i can come across to date.
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