Mercedes W124 E200 no spark at cylinder 1/4, PMS problem??

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May 3, 2022
Mercedes w124 E200
Hello guys, I have a problem with my car for a few months, it starts well but after 10, 15 seconds it starts running on 2 cylinders there is a strong smell of gasoline and it loses all its power. I changed the spark plugs, the fuel filter, and the coils are new. I swapped the two coils to see if the error code moves but it stays at coil 1/4. Recently I changed the harness that supplies the ignition coils with a new one, the car worked again for 3 days but the problem came back! I'm fed up, I think the problem comes from my PMS 0155457032 but it's very rare and expensive so I'd like to be sure before buying a new one, are there other compatible PMS with my car? I saw a PMS 0155457332 can it work? If anyone can help me that would be cool! Thanks!
Oh and what is the difference between ECU and PMS? The ECU is behind the battery right? Could that be the problem?
W124 1-4 enjector problem | Engine
DO A SEARCH FOR PMS ON THE FORUM- might be the wiring loom

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