Mercedes w140 key not working


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Oct 26, 2020
Mercedes Benz W140 S Class S280 1998
I got a 1998 mercedes Benz s class w140 model S280 and I literally turned the car on in the morning to just adjust the car and took the key out and locked it how you normally do. Everything worked like normal, the key, the locks.
In the evening, I went to go unlock the car, and the key wasn’t unlocking the car, I changed the batteries, (2025 battery) and still wouldn’t work. I manually unlocked the car and it was fine, the car turns on like normal and when going over 10mph door locks automatically, exactly like normal.
In the dark, I can see the infrared light turn on when pressing the key, it’s just not unlocking the car.
Can someone please help, I mean the car locks fine when I’m inside the car, with the button on the centre console and automatically, just not with key.
Please help

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