Mercedes W202, C200 cyl 2&3 misfire and possible PMS fault

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Jan 9, 2023
Mercedes W202, C200 (136Hp), 1995
Greetings to all members of this excellent forum.

I live in Greece and I own a Mercedes W202, C200 (136Hp) model 1995 with manual transmission (VIN: WDB2020201F-297048).
The car has been parked for quite some time (over 4 years) in an underground garage. However, at regular intervals (once or twice a month) I turned it on to run the engine and circulate its fluids

My problem with Mercedes started when I started smelling gasoline from the engine compartment. I found that the leak was from the pressure damper which I replaced. While trying to replace and not knowing the problem with the Mercedes biodegradable wiring harness it seems that by touching some wires the wiring system started to collapse.

I ordered new wiring (rebuilt with new materials from Germany) for both the engine and the ignition coils. A friend of mine who is mechanic took out the old one and installed the new one.

And while I expected the problem to be resolved unfortunately the car seems to be working on two cylinders 1+4, cylinders 2+3 are not working.

From what I have read on the forum, a possible reason for the 2 cylinders not working is the faulty PMS Unit due to shorts in the wiring harness. The code for this unit on my car is A0185451132. Firstly, I would like to ask the followings:

1) Besides the PMS unit what else could be causing the 2 cylinders to not work?

2) The new PMS control unit must be programmed before it is installed in the car? From what I have read on the forum (posts form grober and neilrr), PMS units for old Mercedes are not programmable and are just plug & play. On the other hand, my car has the one button flip ignition key (see picture) which controls the doors unlocking/locking and the theft alarm and the interior mirror (see picture) is the one with the red/green flashing lights when the alarm is set to on/off. Therefore, I fear that it might be a connection between the two units (PMS unit and ignition key) in order to start the car.
Any help would be greatly appreciated since the car is parked in a garage and cannot be taken to MB service


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