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Jan 15, 2021
2019 E300de AMG-Line Estate
Has anyone been having problems with their MercedesMe since c. December 2023?

Having had 18 months of solid service, in December I started to notice a miss-reporting of the vehicle's location, and then the MercedesMe app would only erratically report the hybrid battery's charging status, available charge, and vehicle pre-heating status (having always told me when its charging, even notifying via apple-watch etc.).

I raised a case with with the Mercedes Me team, and was asked to use the "Burger Menu" in the Mercedes Me App to "Deactivate" and "Reactivate" the service.

Unfortunately, the services will not now "re-activate". I no longer have any access to:
  • Charging: Programming of Charging Settings and Pre-Entry Climate Control.
  • Comfort: Remote Retrieval of Vehicle Status
The App just says "Awaiting Activation"

And now, I seem to be "stuck"!

I've contacted the MercedesMe team (again) to escalate the matter, who just appear to want to consider this as a potential "app issue". But working in IT for over 30 years, I don't believe this is the case.

I think this is an issue with my vehicle's status/configuration somewhere within the MercedesMe back-end application services, perhaps due to it being an E300de Plugin Hybrid, and not a full EV.

There have been other inconsistencies with some MercedesMe functionality over the last six months, with my car sort-of not being considered a EV, and not being eligible for and can't be enabled for the full "charge services" - but having the rest of the charging search functionality enabled, and having the battery reporting function and charge status as a plug-in hybrid. I've also frequently been offered apps I can't use as I've not got the later MB UX.

I sincerely hope that the Plug-In Hybrid's haven't been somehow "lost" in the push towards full EVs and new functionality - and similarly I hope this isn't a issue with the last of the Command software variants (NTG5.5) which are fully 4G compatible, but are not MB UX.

My local dealer tells me that they no longer deal with Mercedes Me issues, so I'm not sure where to go next?

Is anyone else having similar problems, or advice on how to resolve?
It all seems to be working OK on my GLE350de. i am using a iPhone 14 and the Mercedes me app software is 1.40.0 (2097)


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