Metallic Sound After Brakinh

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Jul 6, 2022
Mercedes Cla
Hi guys,
I have a 2014, Cla which has started to make a metallic sound which is annoying as not sure what is causing it.
From what i can tell it occurs after i brake, go over a speed bump or accelerate from a slow speed & sometimes when i turn left.
I can only hear the sound at slow speeds and sounds like its coming from the rear of the car. (Drivers side)
The noise sounds like a metallic noise like something is loose but goes away straight away.
Apart from that the car drives spot on.
Any advice/info on what to check will be highly appreciated.
Exhaust heat shield??
Thanks for the heads up. Highly appreciated.
Had a look at the underside of the car & found heat shield above back box loose.
Will get it refit back on during the week & hopefully noise would be gone.

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