Michelin crossclimate 225/55r16 99w

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Dec 13, 2015
Esher, Surrey
Mercedes SL 280 R129
I want to upgrade my tyres and have done a bit of research, also got a long trip to Scotland for hols coming up so want to get done before I go.

This is what I am thinking of having fitted, MICHELIN CROSSCLIMATE 225/55R16 99W

Has anyone tried these, be grateful for any feed back...not cheap but I like the spec and the tread pattern looks good
Got my C class on 4 of these last winter. With all the wet stuff here in west wales last winter they are absolutely tremendous. Also just completed a 4K trip through Europe on the Autobahns at fairly high speed and they were so stable and quiet. That is running on 16's. So far very impressed! Seem to wear well too

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