Mileages for E320 CDi straight 6 ????

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Apr 9, 2012
Merc e320 w210 cdi estate.
Everyone with a straight 6 E320 CDi.......

Please give your year of car and model, I will start with mine.........

E320 CDi Estate, FSH
194,500 miles
running very well
E320 CDI Saloon, FMBSH, 70K, So far so good, (Slight humming from heater fan)
2001 E320 CDI 7 seater estate. 147000 miles and still going strong. very happy :thumb:
2003 E320Cdi S211 FMBSH bought new and collected from factory.

135K so far and driving and feeling good :)

Drives well, Carries all sorts and tows our van giving 28.5mpg towing !!

2000 e320cdi Estate

Running very nicely
2004 estate, 110k. Bar the waterpump letting go and shipping the aux belt off the front just as I approached a corner (very exciting, I can tell you), it's not missed a beat. 25k added to the clock in 12 months of ownership, including 2 non-stop 1000 mile runs to Italy and back.
2001 s210 320cdi Avantgarde. Bought new £36k sold Jan 2012 at 151k for £3k.

New glowplugs at 70k and 2 injectors replaced at 149k.

Excellent car.
2001 E320 cdi Avantgarde 133,000. no service history bought last year for £2550. Done 3000 has a few small problems (wish I had put up a little more money to buy a slighty newer one say a 2003).
2005 E320 cdi 7 seater Avantgarde 30,000 mile
Dead Comand Unit...not happy!!!
2001 E320cdi Estate 7 seater, Avantgarde, silver, 114000miles, goes like a rocket, very happy!
2000 E320Cdi Estate 7 seater FSH upto 172k(Dealer & Indy when brought in Nov 2008) Now I do it all myself with a large box file full of receipts :D

now done 245,000m :bannana:

goes really well, but have a starting problem - 2 injectors leaking off too much and therefore the rail doesn't reach required pressure 1st thing in the morning; to be resolved next week.

Transports all sorts, had 3x 4mx8m marquees in the back (took up all the space) and one time had 3/4 tonne of scrap steel to weigh in :)
2003 W211 E320CDI on 230,000m.
Alternator and Torque Converter replaced recently.
EGR will be replace at next service.
Love it to bits!
I've just sold my 2002, S210, 320CDI to a fellow member.

At 151,000 miles, I don't think it is quite run in yet.

I've over-spent on bringing the car up to my standards, but I know it will continue to give pleasing performance for many a year to come. Every time I had to travel 4-500 miles in a day, I actually looked forward to the experience.

It's a great car to travel in, and considering its size, weight and load-lugging capabilities, it really does thunder along and the MPG level is very good. That engine will still be ticking over when they bury it one day.

IIRC there are some taxi's that have clocked up in excess of 600,000 miles with the same OM613 engine. :rock:

I'll miss the E-Class, (the sole reason for selling it is that I never really get chance to use it these days) but I have the option to buy it back one day, which is why I wanted it to go to a MB Club member who I know will look after it. :)

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