Minor ding in A-Pillar

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Nov 1, 2011
E Class
Dent/ Ding in A-Pillar

My E Class is due to be returned to Mercedes in about 7 weeks and someone has put in a ding in one of the most difficult places ever. Unfortunately the ding is in an area classified by mercedes as ''high profile'' and must be fixed before handing the car back otherwise I will be hit with crazy charges. I have heard of people being asked to pay up to £3000 for repairs carried out by Mercedes.

Does anyone have a personal recommendation of someone who can get this ding out either by PDR or SMART repair?



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Thanks Mic

I have found an approved Mercedes body repair who is going to fix it for about £250 - £300. I dont think I want to mess about with these ''miracle'' PDR guys cause the few I have spoken to dont sound like they believe in their own abilities. Getting it done at an approved repairer should prevent any comebacks as well

Thanks anyway and unfortunately I think I am leaving the Mercedes family So I may be saying goodbye as quickly as I said hello. At presnt we have 2 cars and my missus wants to upgrade hers. We mainly use our cars at the weekend are doing under 10000miles a year in both cars so we think it makes financial sense to have just 1. She is tiny and driving a rather large E class isnt for her otherwise I would have bought the E at the end of the agreement and kept it.

We have met half way and it looks like the new family car will be the poor mans X6, The Nissan Juke!

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