Mirror Indicators

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Apr 30, 2013
C Classic SE 180K
Hi all, I have a fault on my W203 and am hoping some kind person can give me some information. it is the Mirror Indicators. First I had a fault message saying left mirror indicator was u/s but it was still working. I could live with that as it was one or two presses of buttons on steering wheel. But then they did stop working about a week later and besides the message, the dash indicator light now flashes double speed. To compound it, the right hand mirror indicator is now u/s.
Is it possible that they could both go within the space of a couple of weeks and that all 4 LEDs go at the same time!
I have ordered a new L/H light assy (A203 820 1521) but being a trifle cynical, I am hoping there is a simple fix to this.
Any help would be very much appreciated.
A common problem is that the wires break where the mirrors fold.
You can't see it as the break is inside the insulation.
Might be worth looking at this first.

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