Mirror, Window and lights not working on driver side (Audi A4)


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Oct 5, 2007
My 2001 A4 has developed a problem. Nothing on the driverside is working, on the door i mean.

The lock light does not illuminate, there is no electrical power to anything. It just developed this overnight. I noticed underneath the door (where the sill meets the inside of the door) there was a wet patch. Inside the car was dry and i could see no water Seepage.
Could it be that water seeped into the electrics? Everything else in the car is working fine. Even the passenger Window.

I doubt it, but when i left the car overnight. It was airtight, the bloomin doors weigh a ton.

Or maybe it could be something as simple as a fuse? I'm so tempted to sell the ruddy thing, it holds a lot of sentimental value though..
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