mirrors on c-class w203


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Apr 30, 2003
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I wash my w203 quite often, yesterday when i came back from the jet wash place I folded my mirrors and i noticed that the glass inside the mirror was hanging loosely , has anyone else had a similar problem?


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Jun 10, 2002
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Originally posted by fuzzer
No , have you tried to just push it back on ?

It doesnt just put on - be careful here - the driver side mirror glass is very expensive ...

Carefully pull the glass out further, look at the top and theres a thin metal piece with a little hoop on it (sort of paper clip thickness)

That has 2 positions, up (not locked) down (locked) - it is held in the up position by pulling it slightly so it sits above a small protruding piece of plastic. (which is about 3mm * 2mm)

Tilt the mirror motor mechanism so the bottom is fully in and the top is out (just use your finger to push it)

Push the glass onto the mirror motor mechanism, and you will be able to see that metal clip from above. With a small screwdriver, move the clip so it pops back over the protruding piece of plastic and it will hold the mirror in place.

To remove the mirror glass - set the mirror so the bottom is fully in, top is fully out and you can see that clip.
Get a small hook or screwdriver and pull the clip outward (away from the back of the mirror) and up over that protruding piece of plastic , then the glass can be pulled out without breaking it !

(instructions the same for most MBs)


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