Misheard Lyrics.

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Nov 29, 2008
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Is it only me that has misheard lyrics over the years.

Green food rasher on the forty five. (Brimful of Asha) Cornershop. :eek:

Knee jerk tonight (Backing vocals on "Stay with me till dawn") Judy Tzuke. :eek:
Calling octopus

Carpenters - calling occupants

Thre's many, many more
When I was a kid my parents would play the Direstraits - Brothers in Arms tape in the car all the time (it was 1987 I might add). I thought the lyrics to 'Money for Nothing' were "money for nothing and your chips for free" only later did I realise it was "chicks for free". Confusing at the time, makes sense now...
Another one - REM - Man on the Moon. "Monty are you goofing on Elm Street" - what the heck does that one mean?!?:dk:
You know...goofing around as the Americans would say.
my mother in law, Mulligans Tyres as opposed to the more popular Mull of Kintyre
I've always been mildly disturbed by the line in the Moody Blues song 'The Question'

...'the secrets of our souls'...I assume that's what he mean't! :eek:

Or how about Desmond Dekker...'oooohhhhh ooooohhh me ears are alight'
Ultravox - Vienna

For years a friend's wife was mishearing 'Vienna' as 'Theodore'.
Sounds implausible, but you'll be hearing it too now I've told you.
Though the clue is somewhat in the song title ;)
And there was Ruby, Ruby, Ruby. I always heard Rooney, Rooney, Rooney. Sorry for lack of artist reference but I am an Old Git. :D
Another one - REM - Man on the Moon. "Monty are you goofing on Elm Street" - what the heck does that one mean?!?:dk:

'Andy are you goofing on Elvis'
Reference to controversial comedian Andy Kaufman (probably more known to us as Latka from US sitcom Taxi.

My favourite is Paul Young
'every time you go away,
you take a piece of meat with you.'

(and I still sing it the wrong way)
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Bananarama - "I'm as guilty, guilty as a cocoa bean" (guilty as a girl can be)

Abba - "Chicken Tikka you and I know..."

Michael Jackson - (The girl is mine) "..love in wheelchairs" (Lovin, we'll share)

Steve Winwood - "Give me an iron lung" (me a higher love)

Great thread - thanks!! :D
Mother... "The Ozone Boys"
The Beach Boy's "Barbara Ann" - "Bomb bomb bomb, bomb, Iran" (Ah, ba ba ba ba Barbara Ann; Ba ba ba ba Barbara Ann)
"whats she gonna look like with a chimney on her ?" - Tamperer.

Oh no, I didn't mishear ? :(
Not a lyric that I misheard, but one I could never hear (0.55 start of the chorus).


I tried to make lots of things fit but when I found out the real lyrics I was amazed it would fit. Singing along to this one is just best avoided.
Maybe "me ears are alight" but a couple I didn't get quite right until I saw them written down.

Paul Simon's Graceland
"As if I'd never noticed the way she brushed her hair and farted"

Madonna's La isla Bonita
"Young girls with eyes like potatoes"

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