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The thread that caused hands to shoot up in horror was an insult to all of us who are regular users to the forum, misunderstanding or not.

He was rude to us, he had us tarred before he knew any of us, he assumed he was correct and acted like judge,jury and executioner before he had any facts. That's not a misunderstanding.
Not to me he wasn't. But I'm not so thin-skinned.
The guy made a mistake, an easy one to make if you are not one of the ones in the know. Labels should be easily understood and not need research to find their meaning. How was he to know that a "Supporter" was one who helped to finance the site rather than a commercial supporter without trawling through pages and pages?
Having made the mistake, no doubt it was gently pointed out to him because all the helpful usual suspects would not be so infantile as to get on to him like white on rice would they?
When KH pointed out his error in his impartial and sympathetic manner, the OP apologised at once. But did this stop the feeding frenzy by outraged members? Of course not, cue further and increasing vitriol. This rose to a crescendo when he declined to share the information he had gained to the benefit of his attackers.
Good job he did not admit to putting an AMG badge on a humble C Class!

Some people need to grow a thicker skin.
Well, the misunderstanding is what kicked it off, but I find his attitude of not sharing the solution a bit... immature?

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