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    Currently using a mac mini with Plex software to play MKV Hd and MKV 3d files from a network drive but due to the age and processor it struggles to play full 1920x1080 hd files.
    It plays the 720 stuff well but looking at the various standalone movie players they now have optical out and can play the full HD files so I think it's about time to sell the mini and purchase one of these?

    The pro's of Plex on the mini are a nice interface with tv series / movie information for each file but it does take a little while to boot and sometimes doesn't update the library correctly.

    I don't have a budget for a standalone player but seem to remember them being about £120 ish.
    "Popcorn hour" rings a bell.

    Does anyone have experience or comments on these?

    Cheers :thumb:
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    Yep, one of THOSE !!!
    I use a WD TV with a 1TB drive attached. Totally standalone and I transfer new files to it via a USB stick.

    You can get a network version called WD TV Live.

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