ML 270 Tiptronic Gearbox - 2002


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Jun 29, 2011
ml20 cdi
Can anyone help with info re my ML 270 Tiptronic gearbox?

Just started to intermittently not change through the gears and no kickdown, and the tiptronic change doesn't work. If I stop somewhere and then start again, it seems to be fine. It then may do it again later on.

Starting off it will go up to 3rd gear and then will drag and be sluggish and can't get the kickdown to operate.

Any help or advice much appreciated.



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Feb 21, 2009
ml 270 brabus d4,
hi tommy . i have a 2001 ml 270 cdi with the brabus d4 chip . have had gearbox probs myself. i have had a gear box service which i something my yr wasnt meant to have . but got it done any way . hasnt fixed it as yet. then had the elctrical wiring and plug renewed as sometimes oil gets in the harness and cgear box can cause problems, hasnt fixed it yet. so i have paid a lot of attention to the propblem, generally it only does it when hot, it mainly only does it from 3 to 4 . i have it a few times the engine has turned it self off when its slipped and gone into n . dont know if this is a safety feature but i have been advised its prob a mix up with the electic sensors and once the gearbox is fixed it will not do it . apparently there is a known problewm with these boxes ,

before you go down this road do a few things first ,

make sure the g box oil is at the right level, special dipstick required.
check if there is any error codes on star computer
then check there is no noil around the drivers foot well and acc pedal

this is where i am at now . so i am looking into the electric plate and have found on another forum people calling this prob flearing ( where it revs very high inbetween gears and then revs too high and goes into n .
will keep you updated if i reslove.


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