ML (W164) door key issue.

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Feb 8, 2012
S500L, ML420, V12XJS, Pajero 2.8 SWB
Hi. I've had an issue with my W164 drivers door lock. When the car is locked it was possible to double pull the handle and the drivers door would unlock and open. Setting off the alarm in the process.

Following a bit of research I removed the key lock and re positioned the actuating lug so the door didn't open when locked. But the metal key doesn't work.

The key turns the barrel fine and tries to turn the lug on the rear but it feels like an internal part is worn and it doesn't quite manage to rotate the lug. If I help the rear lug the key then turns it itself whilst transitioning from locked to unlocked. But as soon as it gets to either the centre or either extremity it looses grip and won't turn with the key. The lug is a bit stiff to rotate and I have lubricated the whole thing but with no success up to now.

Is it likely something is badly worn / broken or just lacking lubrication and I need to be patient?

Thank you.


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