ML270 complex issues


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Jun 9, 2012
'03 ML270
I have an issue with my ML270 '03. It starts fine. and revs fine in N or P. But as soon as i put it in D or R, the engine will only rev to 1,000rpm. and the car doesn't even think about moving. I have had some DTC's. BAS/ETC, ABS, EPC, Brake, ESP, and so on. This is what iv'e done. Cleaned plug at gear box. Checked harness at EGS for oil, none. checked harness at ABS module at left side front of car. Found CAN bus wire rubbed right through, repaired. I have monitored the speed sensors in the transmisssion and sensor 3 reads zero rpm but that could be 'cos the car not moving?????
The DTC lights do not come on now after repair of CAN wire, but still no drive. Put your thinking caps on fellas.
Ben, Australia.

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