ML270 undertray fixings

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Sep 14, 2017
East sussex
2003 ML270 Silver
Hi All
I have looked, but cannot find what the undertray fixings look like, mine are zip tied on at the moment. All i can see is a round hole, no way to get any sort of fixing behind it.
As i do not have any at all, cannot source new ones, can any one shed some light ?
That's scary! I woke up this morning and that is the first thing I thought about. I am due to change the oil and remembered that I was going to buy some screws to replace the cable ties I found last time.
i do not think they are screws, as there is just a small hole, about 8mm, no thread. I suspect they are some sort of plastic fixing, like the thing you press the centre bit in to lock, but i am not sure.
I suppose zip ties are fine, but would like to know what the correct thing is.
I wonder.
Does anybody think that using some thing like a "jack Nut" and screws with a decent washer on would do the job better than a plastic clip
Dec, i thought that but cannot be, as there is no way to retain the clip, its just a round 8mm aprox hole in the chassis runner.
Just in case, "jack nuts" are like a rivnut, except you do not need a tool to put them in, just put through hole with a screw already in, and then tighten down until the back collapses and locks, then remove screw and fix what ever it is you are fixing, its like having a blind nut type fixing, but i am not sure how strong they are.
The problem with those is how do you stop the nut rotating as you screw on and screw off again unless you have access to the engine side of the tray.

Hmm. Only drawback.
Perhaps I just should stick with zip ties

I lost one of my clips that support the screw for holding up the tray, so I put a nut & bolt in upside down so I could tighten/loosen it by hand whenever I needed to remove it. There is tape around the threads to stop it rusting.

Ok for one but might not be practicable for many fixings.

Cable ties, good thick ones, would be just as good.

MB parts, its a spring steel clip that goes on the frame and then the bolt is quarter turn, duze fasteners.
yep, now i understand why they "go missing" so often. I think, if possible i will stick with the zip ties, thanks for all the replies.
Stay with the zip ties, they are by far the most reliable.

But be sure to carry some wire cutters and some spares...

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