ML270 Unnatural noises from below?

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May 23, 2016
Bracknell Berkshire
Hi, I'm new to this forum as I am only just entering Merc ownership. I have a ML270 which I bought a few weeks ago for a bargain price which had a few faults. I have had my local mobile specialist over who has read the codes
and done a bit of work too, including new inlet manifold and swirl flap motor (the motor was missing completely on inspection) new contact plate in gearbox with filter and fluid change and a new battery. The problem I have is that the car runs and drives fine but is very temperamental when accelerating making a loud banging noise from underneath while at the same time lots of black smoke. If I ease of the throttle it will climb to normal road speed and it's fine. Anybody got any clues or had similar experience as the specialist thinks the autobox may be on the way out. The answer may be on this forum somewhere already but I haven't had much joy in looking yet.
Apart from the problem I have now the car is a pleasure to drive with no suspension knocking or rattling as on other cars with 140,000 miles.

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