ML320 used on Australian Outback Roads

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Nov 19, 2013
For New Year my wife and I drove 3173klm from Sydney to Cameron Corner and back.

Cameron Corner is where New South Wales, South Australia & Queensland meets so you have 3 different time zones in one New Year's eve!

Roughly 1,000klm involved very poorly maintained roads, bulldust (talcum powder like dust) and sand dunes whilst the rest was on average sealed roads.

We had 1 flat tyre (we were using stock ML road tyres) and felt we did well as we went through sections of road with rocks the size of your fist making up the surface.

The roads were rough enough the cruise control would turn off when the car started sliding or became airborne:crazy:

We use cruise control as it stops you going too quick (we cruise at 90kmh) and relieves a bit of pressure. I know we could use the speed limiter but we just don't.

Fuel economy was 11.94litres/100km which I felt was excellent given the roads. On the sealed roads we cruised at the speed limit of 110kmh.

The only mechanical problem was the two washer pump power connectors coming off due to the rough roads. 30 second fix at a fuel stop.

With the correct tyres I'd take this car anywhere in Australia.

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