ML63 - How bad is not getting it serviced past the service reminder

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Aug 7, 2010

How bad is it for an ML63 not to be serviced 150 days past when its saying it should be serviced? I am assuming "Service E" stands for emergency :).

I could really do with chancing it to about 200 days. But if that is a really bad idea please let me know :doh:.

If I could afford a ML63, I would not be scrimping on the servicing.

A high performance car not serviced at the correct intervals, isnt going to be desirable come resale time.

False economy. :doh:
150 days overdue is probably too much, I wouldn't want to risk taking it another 200 days.

I'd get it done ASAP or stop using it for a while.

Not sure what type of service an E Service is, but I would check the service manual to see what's involved.
Perhaps consider a specialist service rather than main dealer if you need to save pennies.

I don't think E stands for Emergency, maybe Expensive? Just joking, but I do recall a notion that the letters of the Alphabet rise with the work to be done.
So you have a ML63, the running costs of which must be staggering, and of which you must have known about at the time of purchase.

Now you want to make it wait 7 months for an overdue service? As others have said, this is likely to cause you problems in the future, at resale time if nothing else.

Is it over-mileage too, as well as over-time?
I'm guessing that posting at 4.22 am you not located in the UK??? The warning may depend on how the service reminder software has been set up. You don't tell us the age of the car or how it's used, so its difficult to know how critical the situation is. In general missing or delaying service operations is risky. Most important if the car is still under manufacturers warranty since it may no longer be covered.

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