Mobile phone forums? Nokia N8?

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Sep 2, 2008
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Morning :).

Can anyone recommend any good mobile phone forums please?
My phone upgrade is due and I wanted the N8 BUT :confused:, my friend in T-Mobile retail has informed me they have had loads returned as faulty :(, something about them crashing/freezing and because you can't remove the battery you have to wait until the battery dies down, great innovation?

Sulking now because I can't play with my new toy :(.

Nokias own forum will be a good place to start.
Likely to be resolved by a firmware upgrade I would think.

Virtually all new devices these days have bugs/problems when released.
Well, I've had my N8 a week or so now, and no issues at all to report. Great choice of phone!

I will say, however, that this is the first phone I have had which has original manufacturer firmware and not a knobbled service provider version of firmware installed. There is a s/w update feature on it, so if there are any bugs like that then they will be swiftly dealt with I'm sure.
we've had our Nokia C7's about a month now, very happy with them (even OH who's a complete technophobe!). not really had any issues with them & only a couple of freezes that were cleared after powering down.

Nokia support forum

MSE mobiles forum & AVForums also come in handy

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