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    I thought it was worth sharing the review I've just written for Mobile Tyre Fitting High Wycombe & Watford | Mobile Tyres 2 U Ltd, with whom I was very impressed. I've always been wary of mobile tyre fitters (hell of any tyre fitters!), but these guys have won me over -- anyone in NW London or the home counties should consider them as an option. Here's the review I wrote (should hopefully show up on their Website at some point in the future):

    Absolutely superb service. It's time for my annual swap to winter tyres, and I was desperate to try and source a Vredestein Wintrac Extreme in 265/35/18, after a puncture with sidewall damage on a nearly new set. It turns out that Vredestein have stopped making the tyres in this size, and they couldn't be obtained anywhere for love nor money. I rang around everywhere, until I finally got in touch with MobileTyres2U. The gentleman I spoke to really went above and beyond. He phoned around distributors, got in touch with Vredestein themselves, and finally came back with the bad news that even he couldn't get one -- only to call me back half an hour later that he had managed to source a single tyre! The tyre was part of a set that had been fitted for a couple of days to a car and then taken off, and when it arrived it was basically new, although I wasn't charged a new tyre price. This was a superb result for me -- as I said, the tyres simply aren't available anywhere, and the only other option would be to replace both rear tyres with a different brand.

    I also had excellent service from the gentleman who came to fit my tyre. They put on the new tyre (with good quality valves and careful balancing), and swapped over the other three tyres for a nominal extra fee. The job took almost an hour as he was being very careful and meticulous, and I was extremely pleased to see them use a torque wrench to tighten up the bolts to the correct moment, and to check the correct tyre pressures and inflate accurately (I confirmed the pressures with a good quality manual gauge and they were spot on). I am a motorcyclist and do all my bike work myself, and I appreciate the work of a good engineer, this was a superb job and I was very pleased indeed. Great work, and I know for sure where I'll be buying all of my tyres in future!

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