MOBILO saves the day

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Apr 3, 2013
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Numb-nuts here opened the boot with the fob, dropped his tools into it, also dropped the keys and shut the boot.....

I'm four hours from home and its late.

Fortunately punched the MOBILO number into the mobile last month so gave it a shot.
Call handler was good and efficient and very thorough.
Got a reassurance call from the local manager with an estimated time of forty minutes for the mobile unit.
Nice chap (Steve Jones) arrives bang on time and cleverly accesses the car.
So start to finish about 2.5hrs and no bill to pay.

Looks like an involved job, to open the car was barely a minutes work.
The next twenty minutes seemed to be laptop work.

Good suggestion was remove the physical emergency key from the spare fob and carry it in your wallet - top idea.

Fantastic Service.
Thank you Mercedes Mobilo (Deeside Area)
with keyless go, it's impossible to lock the car with the key in it :)
Glad you had a good experience with Mobilo, my first experience was bad... they said someone will be with me within 40 mins, eventually took over 2.5 hours for someone to turn up!
Mrs KE had a similar brain fade moment the Sunday before last. She had gone to a photo shoot in Cambridge city centre (about 45 minutes from here) and parked outside the hotel where they were doing the shoot. She went in to check on the exact location then returned to the car to get her equipment out of the boot. Just as she got her box of bits out she noticed a sign saying that the spaces were for council use only, so she put everything back in and shut the boot in readiness to drive off. Yup, she'd put the keys on the boot floor!

She phoned me at 9am (so much for my nice peaceful Sunday!) asking what to do and I said that we have Mobilo so no problem. I phoned them for her and, like the OP, received an excellent response. I was told that my wife would be called within 30 minutes to let her know when someone could be with her. 30 minutes later Mrs KE called me to say she'd been told the local engineer was on another call but should be with her at about 11am.

But Mrs KE was in Cambridge with a photographer, makeup artist, flower arranger and three bridal models. They couldn't do anything without the models having their hair done. :crazy: Could I PLEASE try and get the spare key to her?

About a year ago we sold our second car because it never got used. We never needed two cars at the same time. Well we did that day! No problem, I phoned my best friend who lives round the corner. He was just setting off for a golf competition, but did say I could borrow his newly purchased BMW 335i because he and his wife were going to golf in her car. I said I'd try a couple of neighbours first. The second one I tried was just about to head off with the family for the day trip, but he still agreed immediately to take me to Cambridge instead (I wonder if that was just a good excuse - either to show off his new Audi A5 3.0 TDI Quattro coupe, or to get away from his wife and kids for a couple of hours!).

40 minutes later (about 10:30) we had the C350 boot open so phoned Mobilo to tell them that all was sorted. The neighbour and I set off back home only to come to a complete standstill on the A14. It ended up taking about 90 minutes for the journey.:wallbash:

So the exercise cost me a bottle of my finest red, but lots of Brownie points gained. Mobilo staff were very pleasant, but too slow. But they would have sorted it if we'd had more time.
My Dad did that with his BMW, after a few questions she unlocked the door remotely.
He was so impressed with that, said it was like being in a Sci-Fi movie.

However, turns out the keys were on the reception of the hotel still, not so Sci-Fi.
I've done this in the past, and been saved by Mobilo. They threatened to damage the car on the call. The technician just laughed and said I don't think so.
Did similar thing a few years ago E-class (W210)...AA saved my day:thumb:
I've done this in the past, and been saved by Mobilo. They threatened to damage the car on the call. The technician just laughed and said I don't think so.

I (or rather a colleague) locked my keys inside my old Mondeo (keyless go but not entry) and Ford similarly told me I'd need to sign a damage waiver... ... and pay £150 for the privilege. I was in a hurry so walked back to the reception desk of the hotel we'd been staying in, asked to borrow a hammer, walked out and smashed the rear quarterlight.

At least it gave the people checking out something to laugh about.
Nice to hear a positive story about Mobilo,my only experience with them was also good.
A little more positive about the MB experience would be good. Apparently the prospective neighbours where we are moving have bought a Porsche,having seen my 350 cab pull up. As I said to the people we are buying from, "a Porsche is just a VW Beetle in a posh frock". If this is passed on it should ensure a welcome to the neighbourhood.

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