MobiloLife (Mercedes Warranty)


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Aug 1, 2002
The MobiloLife program

Mercedes-Benz is the first motor manufacturer to grant a mobility guarantee and a bodywork corrosion warranty for all new Mercedes-Benz passenger cars - for the entire car's service life.

The free-of-charge MobiloLife service package is valid for all Mercedes-Benz passenger car models which were first registered after October 24, 1998 in the area of validity.

During the first four years after first registration, MobiloLife helps

* for up to four years when the car has to be taken to a Mercedes-Benz service outlet for a warranty or goodwill repair (taking more than two working hours)
* for up to four years in the case of breakdown caused by a minor mishap
* for up to thirty years in the case of technical breakdowns and starting problems
* for up to thirty years in the case of bodywork corrosion (from the inside out)
Check out the site for all the info on the program, what your entitled too and not.
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