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Mar 16, 2012
c220 cdi
Hi Guys

Im new to the forum business having just bought a c220 cdi 125 amg coupe

Ive done close to a 1000 miles and im loving the car.

This is my first diesel car after owning quite a few petrol cars some which have been a real privilege to own.

The only issue i have is that although i love the car, im a little bored with its looks.

I was thinking of changing the wheels. Do you guys have any suggestions?

Thanks and great forum
Welcome to the forum. Stick to genuine mercedes wheels if you can, they are alot stronger than aftermarket items.

Do you have any style of wheel in mind that you like, or just open to ideas?
But this is an AMG...what's not to like?

Actually...what bit of it is AMG?
Thanks for the welcome guys the car is a c220 cdi 125 amg coupe, not being familiar with Mercedes i dont know whether just the body kit is AMG or some of the suspension is aswell.

I am interested in having the c63 multi spoke rims, i like to keep the car as close to original as possible but just wanted a little more of an aggressive look.

Ive just sold my 2012 BMW M5 so although i know this car is not a performance car i just want a slightly different look.

On another note i have completed a 100 mile round trip to heathrow using the M25 and i have averaged 60.1mpg.

I love that
Hello and welcome, modding for a C-Coupe.. I'd say the AMG multispokes, single bar grill, carbon mirrors, lip spoiler & diffuser :)
I was under the impression that after a car went through AMG's factory (the process to get an AMG badge), the engine was rebuilt, hand-signed and the badging on the rear changed (C220 would be a C22? C23?)

Are you sure it's an AMG ?

Thanks dr nab, I'll give that a go. Will the c63 wheels go straight on? Or do I have to get special ones?

Sorry spinal, maybe I've been a little unclear the car is only an AMG edition which means the body kit is AMG. It comes with 7 spoke 18" alloys which don't do the car much justice in my opinion.

Will the 19's ruin the ride?
Guys i think i have found the wheels i want for the car,

I was intending to get the c63 rims but as they are so expensive i thought why not go for a completely different look.

What do you think?

I think they look great, however as has been said before, Mercedes alloys will be much better quality and will last, saving you a fortune in the long run.
I've modded a few cars and even top branded alloys are nowhere as good as OE

Good luck, Colin.
If you thought C63 wheels were expensive then they will make your jaw drop!

Love ADV1s though quite popular stateside on mercs :)

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