Modern Classic?

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Oct 18, 2023
Does anyone have any experience or opinion! regarding “The SLshop” based near Stratford on Avon. They specialise in the repair, maintenance and Sales of classic SL’s.
They include R230 and refer to them as modern classics. I’m not so sure, mine will be 20yo next year.You are also able to commit to a savings programme which builds towards the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of your vehicle. The web site explains all. They seem very successful and have some incredible cars on site, I intend to visit at some point next year. Anyone used them?
Hey, not sure about the shop.
if i car is 15 years or older with a value of greater than or equal to £15,000 then its a classic. Assuming it will retain it. unless its the top most model of the generation, e.g. SL65, then i doubt the market will agree
If it's in good shape, it's a classic. If it's been rode hard and put up wet, it's just an old car
Nothing is technically a classic before its 40 YO and cant be registered as such with the DVLA before then......the 15 year 15k rule is only for tax purposed etc for the HMRC. Insurance companies can choose what they like......some as low as 15....some only at 40 plus years.
Personally i believe that the R230 WILL become a classic and eventually the prices will rise just like the previous iterations - Currently i just consider mine a very nice looking car with a timeless look ( subjective of course )

Although my insurance company thinks that it is as the yearly premiums are soooooo reasonable ( although i am getting into the more aged category these days ! ) :eek:
ALL cars are prospective classics, although I have to admit I would never have picked the market for a Ford Escort! It’s just a matter of time and how desirable the R230 becomes. There is no reason why it shouldn’t follow in its predecessors footsteps.
My original post was more about SLshop classic maintenance and whether anyone had any experience/knowledge.
btw I’m in the aged bracket too!
Google is your friend. Their reputation is spread far and wide. They know their stuff. Whether you're prepared to stump up the cash is another matter.

The R230, like every other 20 year old car, isn't a classic yet. Classics are much older, low mileage and well preserved. (See Classic and Sports Car magazine for more details)

I'll add a couple of links in due course.
Fifty two, yes 52, people focussing on SL's from the 1960's to the 1990's - i.e. primarily BEFORE your .... very modern .... R230

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All cars are prospective "classics."

What makes them "classics" is rarity, low mileage, obsessive maintenance, dry storage, and a lot of money spent on "restoration."

My Spitfire, Scirocco, Audi Quattro, SAAB turbo, Porsches, Mk2's, Jaguars, M635's, SL's Mx5's, and Merc V8's were all lovely, but didn't become "classics" because they ddn't tick all the boxes.

Everyone I know that bought an R107 or R129 didn't "make a fortune from their classic," but they have owned a vehicle that was special, and that they enjoyed, even if they hesitated to tour Europe in it.

To me, the joy of a well maintained car that's less than two decades old is that you can just drive to Montenegro, without a second thought.
I agree, i only purchased mine to use, I am making it as nice as i can for a 20 year old car, but it is not going to live in a heated garage ( it would if i had one! ) If i was looking for something to invest in for financial gain, it would probably NOT be a car that i could afford....
What makes them "classics" is rarity, low mileage, obsessive maintenance, dry storage, and a lot of money spent on "restoration."
I'm sorry but that's not really correct.....IMO. Is a rusty, no history, barn find Jenson Interceptor a classic? Of course it is......and that meets non of your criteria except possibly rarity.....but there are still lots around. Classics can be anything over a certain age that's rare or desirable....condition does not enter into it if it's rare fact restoring a very rare barn find car can seriously devalue it.
Rarity alone can make a car a classic......who would have thought a Marina Coupe would be an appreciating asset?! ....but it is as there are only a handful left (as my neighbour with a chocolate brown one continually reminds me!).
And several on your list are definitely UR Quattro or an M635 not a classic?....really?
And several on your list are definitely UR Quattro or an M635 not a classic?....really?
i sold my Quattro and M635 when they had high mileages. Oooh, we're talking 60k or so..... And both went for less than £10k

Back in the 80's and 90's. But 30 years later they'd be on 200+k by now.
You can find a rusty Jensen Interceptor in a barn, but can you start it, or even use it?

My B-I-L had a long term fancy for an Interceptor, but he could never find one that seemed to be worth the money.
Allegro , first cop car I ever asked to sit in by two big blokes in uniform with Tit$ on their heads .

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