Money for nothing

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Aug 4, 2016
newham london
Mercedes benz S320
Thought id give my Merc a good interior clean today :D:D and paying close attention to the seating made a grand total of £12 in pound coins around the rear seats and the front passenger seat. once it goes down there most people cant get to it, :bannana: good for me now v been paid for cleaning my own car.
mind you they can have back all the pens wrappers and gum i found, Wot have you found in your car when cleaning.;););)
Dreading some of the potential answers in. This thread. :eek:
Chips for free. They were a bit mouldy, but I'm not one for looking a gift horse in the mouth.
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Cheesy Wotsits. At least, I hope they were Wotsits; they were certainly cheesy! My dog enjoyed them, anyway.

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