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Jun 1, 2002
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Ok peeps, I know some of you have taken my advice and given Paul @ Montys a call, so far I know of 4 of you

Koolvin's Boss
Dave K

I have spoken with Paul this morning and he is willing to price match deals for us Benz boys.....

Don't worry about you boys and girls up north as he will also ship stuff up there too and anywhere in the world.

I have used Paul for the past 5 years and as some of you have said the service and telephone calls are very professional. If your looking for a replacement OEM alloy due to kerbing or such-like, he either may have one or can get one, As I said before he has one 19" AMG like Maffs on his CL which needs a refurb but for £50
:eek: . Now I'm sure that alloy at a Stealer would be in the hundreds!!!
I know we may all have our local preffered tyre and wheel supplier but when you need something just try Monty's and get a competitive price.. I know Koolvins guy saved himself £100.

I'd welcome any feedback you may have as Paul is also interested, I have given him the forums address so he will be browsing around soon..

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