More Help Please Mercedes C43 W202 Viscous fan nut which way to undo

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Jan 31, 2016
North West
W202 C43 AMG
I have been trying for days to undo the Viscous fan clutch nut I have the holding tool and 36mm spanner but I am struggling.
If I am facing the car which way to unlock the nut clockwise towards passenger side or anticlockwise drivers side
I have also tried shocking it with hammer blows WD40 etc but still stuck tight

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If the castellations have a cut/groove then its a LEFT HAND THREAD.
You can normally tell a left hand thread, because it just looks wrong.....

Every viscous fan I've worked on was left-handed, but I'm sure there are exceptins...

German Engineers like to keep you guessing.
my 202 was a normal thread so as you look from the front turn the spanner from 12 oclock to 9 oclock
Thanks everyone it was normal thread! removed anti clockwise when facing the car
SOB did not want to move had to wedge he pulley holder tool against cross member and jam on a slightly smaller spanner and hit with a lump hammer after about 5 hits finally shifted.
Normal 36mm fan spanner was just rounding off the nut.

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