MOST loop adaptors - wrong connection?

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Jan 22, 2011
Trying to bypass digital TV module to identify a fault. Bought a female MOST loop cable, but once I got the TV module out, I found a combined power and optical connection on the back. Splitting out the optical, it's just a narrow male connection (like the one which goes into the Nav DVD under it).


Can I buy an adaptor to take the size down on my loop female connection to the optical male size? Or do I need a different bypass loop?
When I bypassed my cd changer I just unclipped both the cables from the plug and joined them together with a straight through connector, didn't use a loop. There are more than one type of connector dependant on vintage so it may be you just got the wrong loop.
Sep 2006 CLS55 (picture in OP shows type). Buggered if I can find anything on t'internet which looks like it would let that plug into it to increase up to "standard" size; or indeed a different loop adaptor.

Only other option I see is the £50+ version that Command Online do. Was hoping to avoid while just experimenting ..
Thanks Richard, that's a decent reduction. :thumb:

No problem paying for quality either; just not quite convinced where the fault it yet and trying not to haemorrhage too much more money on top of what I've already spent! What P&P do you charge on top of that and do you do any discounts for this forum?

As an aside, if I were to take out the unit and bring it to you, do you repair or test them at all yourselves? They're a silly price new (and even second hand) and I don't want one *that* much if it's faulty, but if common faults can be fixed, then it may be worth it ..
Scratch that reading comprehension fail, I see the free P&P comment!!! ;) :fail
Choice is yours which route to take obviously but the connector I mentioned above is MB part no A0005454484 which was £1.85 from my local dealer when I bought one a few years back. As I said, you pull the connector you have apart to free the ends of the optical cable and then insert into the connector like this...


This will obviously form it's own loop so be sure you have room for it.
Oh .. that's quite cool. An MB part too! If you look at my image above, do you just press on the blue tab to take apart the male presentation? It's a little awkward as there's not a huge amount of slack cable and it's an uncomfortable place to lean into!
The blue tab pops out of the black MOST connector, but it is just a lock. You then have to carefully & gently bend the tab that holds the fibre into the MOST connector (or it will break off). (one tab per fibre)

Once you've used the joiner, you'll have to do the same with the tabs on the joiner that hold the fibres in.

Don't bend the fibres too hard (and you'll thus have to unwrap part of the fibre if it has loom tape) or you'll damage them and then you are in big trouble.

Using a loop is very much considerably easier especially if you don't have easy access to the fibre.

Worth mentioning that all of these connectors are made by TYCO. Now known as TE Connectivity Ltd. Nothing to do with Mercedes, but all have Merc part numbers.

These connectors are pennies, but TYCO are very selective of who they supply direct to, so finding small amounts of parts for sale (like less than 1000+) can be difficult.

Really p!sses me off when people charge a fortune for what is essentially £3 worth of bulk buy hardware.....
Yeah, 43p each is a bargain. Though it came up to almost £10 with their "handling fee" and getting 10 of them. Speaking of which, I have 9 spare if anyone needs one ;)

Either way, if it fixes the issue, it's a good price ..
Managed to fit the loop with the converter to remove the tuner a couple of weeks ago. Worked a treat and a nice cheap fix for once! :)

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