Motor Expo @ Canary Wharf

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gucci, Jun 12, 2011.

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    Jan 28, 2007
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    A wet day, and sadly the last day of Motor Expo, but some nice new metal there:

    1. New C Class Coupe, facelift C Class + E Class were solid - superb cars
    2. SLS Stunning
    3. New SLK, a mini SLS - feels much bigger - very nicely screwed together
    4. Range Rover Evoque - Solid interior, striking car, but just not a Range Rover - they'd have been better off giving it its own identity - just simply LR Evoque
    5. Lexus - the less crowded stand :rolleyes:
    6. Volvo - new S60 nicely styled, but no step forward in quality (not a bad thing, just not as solid as the Mercs)
    7. Jaguar - really upping their game with facelifted XF - XK sounded great

    Then Costa in Canary Wharf (nice one in there) and entertained by Titan the robot which scared the bejesus out of us. :thumb:

    oooh and Mrs Gucci sat in the new E-Class Estate and liked it ... mmmm, watch this space
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  2. Bobby Dazzler

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    Clearly not aimed at motorsport fans on a Le Mans and Grand Prix weekend!!

    Titan's great!!
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